Wk 2- Artist- Maccabee Shelley

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Maccabee Shelley. Maccabee is an artist who originally dealt with ceramic art. Before art, Maccabee was a geology mentor along with other things not related to art. He also shared with us that he loves being on boats and has an aquarium membership. Maccabee is from Humboldt and really enjoys that area.
Maccabee has been doing art with glass for 8 to 9 months now. All the glass he creates his art with he receives from the recycling center. They give Maccabee the glass that cannot be redeemed. In order to create his artwork he breaks, melts and fires glass together. Sometimes he will intentionally break the glass in the kiln.
After learning about the basics, Maccabee went on to answer questions about his inspirations and the different colors used in his artwork. When asked about his inspiration, Maccabee said that most of his inspirations come from a previous piece of art. If he fires a piece and he sees something about it that he really likes he attempts to work with that in his next piece. A lot of his work had pink; this is because pink is his favorite color. Pink is his favorite because you hardly ever see pink in art. All the other colors like blue, green and white are from the recycled glass. When I asked him about the colors he mentioned to me that they come from the recycled glass, although some pieces have an orange color and that comes from the commercial glass he buys.
I have never seen an art gallery filled with glass art like Maccabee’s. I was very intrigued by each sculpture. You can tell how each piece was inspired by another but yet they are all unique. I found it very interesting when he was talking about the strength of the glass. It amazes me how some parts are very fragile while other parts can be thrown from the second story and still not break. It was a great experience being able to appreciate his art and be able to ask him question and hold a conversation with him in a group!








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