Wk2- Graffiti Art

This week in Art 110 we had a graffiti art project. Going into the project I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it actually was. I also gained a lot of respect for graffiti artist.
I started this project by doodling my name on a piece of paper with a pen. Let me tell you, pen and spray can are completely different things. My doodles and graffiti outcome look nothing alike.
First off I went to go buy three different colors of spray paint. After I bought the colors I noticed that they looked a lot like valentine colors which is not what I was looking for. Regardless I continued preparing for my very first piece of graffiti. I got a large piece of white butcher paper and started spraying on it without thought. Once I felt like I had enough color I wrote my name in black spray paint.
I was a bit disappointed that the light pink color did not show. I was also disappointed in the outcome of my graffiti but there is no right way for art!
This was a great experience! Now that I have done this on my own I have gained respect for the talented graffiti artist. Some work is so detailed and amazing I couldn’t imagine putting anything like that together.





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