Wk3-Artist Convo-Yireh Elaine Kwak

The artist of this week was Yireh Elaine Kwak. Yireh’s artwork was all around nature and landscape. Although Yireh grew up in West Korea her art is inspired by her home in Fullerton. When she wants to get inspired she goes out to her backyard and looks at all the nature and views surrounding her. There is also a view of a golf course which inspired one of her paintings.
She explained that the painting inspired by the golf course in her backyard is called a triptick. This means that it has three panels. This same painting took her the longest out of all her paintings.

Yireh has been painting seriously for the past 6 years. But she has always loved art! Yireh paints with oil based paints and usually paints on canvas and paper. When she paints on canvas but mentioned that it can be stressful. As a way of getting rid of the stress she goes to paper and brushes on paper which helps her relax and continue her art on canvas. She said “Paper is more forgiving” by this she explained that it is easier to erase a mistake on paper than it is on canvas.
Lastly, the reason for her use of oil paint is because it had more vibrant colors and these colors look nicer with her landscape paintings.
It was interesting to see how inspired she is by nature and landscape and see how she puts it all on canvas.



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