Wk3-Classmate Convo-Eduardo Catalan Olivares

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a very intelligent young man, Eduardo Catalan Olivares. To start off, Eduardo was born in Guerrero, Mexico. Eduardo moved to Long Beach when he was only 5 years old so he does not have many memories because he was so young. When asked if he would go back he mentioned that he likes it here and would only go back to visit family. He grew up with an older brother and sister and also a younger sister. He went to Cabrillo high school and also speaks Spanish.
Eduardo is a sophomore at Cal State University Long Beach. He is a mathematics major and hopes to be either a High School teacher or College professor. When I got to know him a little more we realized that we both love pizza, but he laughed when I let him know all the toppings I love on my pizza. He is also about one of the only people I know who loves to run. He runs as a hobby but would never do it as a competition. Although he never really played sports he likes to watch wrestling.
We had very similar thoughts on what art is. We both believe that art is whatever the artist wants it to be whether it be a sculpture, a painting, music or dance. The artist gets to decide how the art piece comes out. Eduardo admires the passion, patience and the will to carry out and actually finish the art piece.
It was such a pleasure to have met Eduardo. I really wish the best for him and wherever life decides to take him.




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