On Thursday morning I had no idea what I was going to post about. I had nothing special planned for the day that I thought was Instagram worthy. As the day went on I ended up posting four pictures without difficulty. They were not out of the ordinary but just everyday pictures. As I searched up our hashtagimageimage I realized that most of the pictures were ordinary pictures of just everyday life. Pictures of our lunch or of coffee, more specifically Starbucks. These are two commonalities in most college students.

In viewing more posts I realized that we all have several similarities. There was posts of individuals working out. That is something I can relate to. I try to stay fit and active. Besides being fit and active I attempt to build muscle and I also saw that in others’ Instagram posts. Then there’s posts of parties and friends and I feel that to a certain level that is something we can all relate to. Some of us party more or less than others and we may also party in different ways but it is still a experience we all have. Also, friends and peers is something we all have.

Theres was also other post of my fellow peers at CSULB men’s basketball games and I feel like this really signifies something each and everyone of us can relate to. Whether we want to or not we are all united in one way or another. The one similarity that united us all is that we belong to the group of CSULB. We attend the same school, and see the same things on campus, experience the crazy parking lots, the student filled lunch hour and the class with that one professor that inspires us.

This activity has more meaning to it than it seems like on the surface. On the surface this activity is such a drag that is going to make us flood our instagram followers’ timelines with unnecessary photos but in depth this activity is a way to show that although we may all think we are extremely different from everyone we are also very close and similar.


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