Wk4-Artist Convo-Makaila Palmer

This week’s artist is Makaila Palmer. Makaila’s painting were inspired by her studies abroad. The paintings presented to us at the art gallery were paintings of Euros and landscapes. She chose to paint the Euros because she loved the vibrant colors and all the different designs on each bill. Each painting also has a bridge which connects the bill to the landscape on top. This was her first time painting landscapes.
Makaila starts painting each painting by using the color of the bill as the base color. The landscape and other visuals in her painting were based off memory and pictures with she took on her phone.
I love how Makaila mentioned that money is a common language. She explained that she could have used words but not everyone knows the same language. Money is something that everyone can understand. It is the universal language.
Makaila also took the time to share a little bit about Rachel since Rachel was not able to make it. She said the Rachel is a diver and likes to combine the deep sea mysteries to the mysteries in the deep sky. She also said that the reason for naming their gallery Odyssey is because both their painting are based off memory. Also how those memories impacted their lives.
Going into this exhibit I was just going in to see which gallery I wanted to write about but I took a lot out of it. I like the passion Makaila has for her art. I also like that she stepped out of her usual floral and make up paintings to paint bills and landscape which I believe is very unique.











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