Wk4-Classmate Convo-Mukesh Sendev

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Mukesh Sendev. Mukesh is from India and moved to California when he was 2 years old. Because of Mukesh’s experiences he would not like to go back to India. He mentioned that the past four times he has gone he almost died. In India they have poisonous plants and each time he goes he comes in contact with them. Although Mukesh embraces the fact that he is Indian he took speech classes in his younger years so that he wouldn’t have the Indian accent. Mukesh also would preferably not listen to Indian music or watch Indian shows. Laughingly, Mukesh said that every Indian show has the same story line, that if you have seen one episode you’ve seen it all.
Aside from not being a fan of Indian music Mukesh doesn’t listen to modern English music either. He does not believe that it is good music and half the time doesn’t even know who’s singing the songs.
Even though Mukesh does not enjoy those things Mukesh is very passionate about video games. Mukesh’s passion for video games started when he was young and would play Mario games. Ever since he was young he knew that he wanted to make video games when he grew up. Now he is a computer science major and hopes to work for Intel or Microsoft. I asked him if he would like to make video games for consoles but he said he prefers to work with computer games. Aside from this Mukesh has already started on his dream and has created about three computer games. He said that with each one he created he’s starting to get better and better. I was honored enough to actually see one of his games in action. I believe that if he keeps going after his dream he will soon be a huge computer video game creator/designer.
I look forward to seeing all the amazing work Mukesh will do in the future.



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