Wk5-Classmate Convo-Valerie Arredondo

This week I met Valerie Arredondo. Valerie is a first year student here at Cal State Long Beach. She is very familiar with the Long Beach area since she was born and raised in Long Beach. She also attended Poly High School here in Long Beach.
Here at Cal State Long Beach she started off as an art major. From art she moved to a Biology major. She hopes on becoming a vet with the biology major.
Valerie also shared a few of her interests with me. Valerie loves to paint and she actually showed me a few of her art pieces. She is very talented at what she does. Valerie also swims. She was on the swim team in Hugh School. She also shared with me that she loves to be on campus and wishes that she had dormed here. Regardless, her boyfriend dorms and she spends a lot of time with him and her friends at the dorms. Valerie also got hired at Lowes here in Long Beach.

It was a great pleasure to have met Valerie this week!



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