Wk5-Artist Convo-Franco/Allen

This week at the art gallery I got the opportunity to speak to two artist.

The first artist I spoke to was Briana Allen who was in the Gatov-East art gallery. Although she was very limited on time, she was able to speak to us about a few things. She mentioned that her art was never replicating something. She might have an inspiration based on past experiences but it was never a replication. She also mentioned that she never takes pictures. She likes to let her mind do the work.
Unless past artist I have had conversations with, Brianna uses all types of materials. She has used metal which she welds and rivets, sand, glass and other found objects. When starting an art piece Briana rather chose the message first and then start the art piece using whatever she needs to get her message across.
She gave us an estimated time line as to which art piece was made first, second and so on.
Chess piece







Water Storage






I did not get a picture of the propane tank but that was also one of her first pieces.

Then I spoke to Diana Franco. Diana was in the Gatov-west gallery exhibiting her painting series. Diana started experimenting with art when she was three years old but to her it was just a hobby, now she is 20 years old and it is what she does. She holds a masters in fine arts and painting.
When asked about her exhibition she mentioned that her painting are a family. She was contemplating on whether she should leave one out but she couldn’t because like a family they all belong together, it was not the same if she left one out. It took her about seven months to finish the series. She paints about what she sees on a daily basis. Things that she mentioned that she paints are nature, gadgets, everyday life and things that make her think. She told us that she wants us to feel happy when we look at her paintings because the bright colors she uses makes her feel happy.

Both Artist were very talented! And such a pleasure to talk to! I appreciated both of them for their time and effort!










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