I want to start this off by saying that I wish I had something to create a Kickstarter about but I don’t. I hope that in the future i can get the opportunity to try to launch something on Kickstarter.

I started my first search under the technology section.

The Qmote grabbed my attention from just reading the sentence description. I believe that the Qmote is very helpful in everyday life. Personally the feature that can help you find your phone really captured my attention because i am always misplacing my phone. The size of it is also very convenient and the fact that it can hang like a key chain. I also think that the way they put the Qmote to use in the video gives you an idea of how easy it can be to use.


Then I kept scrolling and stumbled upon the ScreenStick. The concept of it seems cool but the video lost my interest. It was very dull to me and I feel if the video was more exciting this product might have actually gotten a more positive review from me.


Compared to the ScreenStick the Qmote can be used more in everyday lives by people with different interests. I also liked how the Qmote video was more straight to the point whereas the ScreenStick video took more time telling us how it was created.

The next section I searched was crafts.

As I was looking through all the different craft ideas this one definitely has my backing. I love the humor that the creator used in selling the product. It grabbed my attention from the start plus the bottles are cute and “manly”. I also really like beards but sometimes some beards are not pleasant looking and I think if more men knew of this oil everyone would have pleasant looking beards.


The next item I scrolled upon and did not think was good was the bee wax candles. These candles seem like every other candle and the video was not so great. There are already so many types and brands of candles I think it would be difficult for these candles to make a launch.


Comparing these two different products I think what really sells the product to me is how it was presented. I love beards and candles but I wasn’t too pleased with the candle video. Maybe if the candle creator used more humor it would have intrigued me more.

I got distracted during this assignment because there are so many cool things on this KickStarter website. In the future i hope to at least be able to fund a few of these projects!


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