Wk6-Classmate Conversation-Kimberly Carrasco

This week I met Kimberly Carrasco who is a sociology major just like myself! Kimberly is a second year here at Cal State Long Beach. She is from Lynwood.
I found it very interesting that Kimberly told me she went to the California Academy of Math and Science (CAMS) for high school. CAMS was not her school of choice, her parents urged her to go there since it was a great opportunity for her. I think I would have been cool to go there but Kimberly said it wasn’t that great. She said that going there is the reason why she didn’t pursue a major in engineering or any other math or science major. She also mentioned how each year the students at this high school were required to invent something new. One year Kimberly and her friends invented a pet training pad where they included a scent that would attract pets to pee there instead of somewhere else. I love math so I believe I would’ve had a great time at this high school.
Kimberly works on campus for the Undergrad Research Opportunity Program (UROP). I think this will help her a lot in her career in Sociology.

I am so glad I met Kimberly Carrasco. We also happen to have another class together and now we can probably plan to take other classes together.



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