Wk7-Classmate Conversation

This week I met Nallely Silva. Nallely grew up in East LA until the fourth grade. After the fourth grade, she moved to Palmdale which is about 2 hours away from CSULB. Now, since she can’t commute 2 hour to and from school, she dorms. She mentioned that the one bad thing about forming is the food. She said that all the food tastes the same and it gets old.
It is Nallely’s second year at CSULB. Nallely started off as a pre-nursing student. After her first year and a half and a lot of contemplating she decided to switch her major to child development since she loves children. Although, she was not completely convince. She decided she should broaden her education and double major also studying family life. She is not too sure what she want to do with that degree yet but she has some time to think about it.
It was a pleasure to have met such a happy, bubbly, outgoing individual.



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