Wk7-Artist Convo-Juliette Angulo

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Juliette Angulo. When I walked into her gallery there were so many people in there also appreciating her art work. I’ve never seen art like Julliette’s before so I was very intrigued to find out her meaning behind cutting out people from her pictures. 

Julliette has a sister named Marrisa who has recently been deployed. Each picture is of Marrisa except she is cut out. Julliette decided to cut out Marrisa to portray her physical absence. Even though she is cut out I feel like that adds so much more to the picture than if she wasn’t cut out. 

I love how clever Julliette was to take something that means so much to her and turn in into art. I feel like this is definitely a clear way to show that art is a form of expression. 


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