Wk8-Remix Project

I learned this week that you can remix almost anything. We saw a few videos in class that you can remix videos or songs. I have heard several different remix of songs. Also, now with different apps people remix short clips, they add voice over a video or alter videos so they can be funny. 

I never thought of the videos I see on Twitter and Instagram as a remix but in reality they are. 

The Internet culture has changed media a lot. It gives people the power to screenshot anything and alter it and repost it anywhere they would like. Same with music. People use music which is copyrighted and they’re post ends up getting taken down. We have so much freedom with the new internet culture. 

This week instead of worrying about copyrights and using other people’s images or music I remixed my own. I decided to make a remix of mine and my sisters faces. Here is the final product:

We are sisters but we look very different. We have different skin tones, big eyes, little eyes, big lips, little lips, straight hair, curly hair but we are all sisters. I had fun with this project.


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