Wk9- Architecture 

My cognitive map of CSULB campus.


Didn’t have enough room on one sheet to complete lower campus 😦 

My redesigned CSULB campus. 


I chose health and human services building for my building adoption. I chose this building bc I like the cool design and how both building are separate yet connected. As I was waiting for my friend to come out of class I stopped a guy by the name of Charles to ask him a few quiestions on this building. Charms didn’t seem too fond of the inside of the classrooms. He said “The inside of the buildings make me feel like I’m in a 90’s movie”. Then I asked him if he knew any of the buildings history in which he replied that he was a 2nd year and didn’t really know much about it aside from where it’s located and which side his classes were in. 

Next I saw a professor walk out with a suit case so I figured she should know more. The proffesor was in a rush and wasn’t much help. 

From speaking to Charles I learned that all of his criminal justice classes have been in that building so I am assuming this is where a lot of criminal justice majors locate themselves. I also learned that only one of the buildings is used for classes. 


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