Wk9-Artist conversation-Sheila Ann

This week we had so many attention grabbing galleries. The one I have decided to write about is Sheila Ann. I have chose this one because looking from outside in I thought seaweed was attached to wood. Then I walked in and noticed it was thread coming out of wood and I thought that was very neat. 

I took a casual stroll around the gallery and then once again noticed that it was not just wood. The wood had photographs of houses. So then I decided I better take a closer look at all of them. The idea coming from these amazing pieces of art were remarkable. Even though on a physical level one might not look at the thread and think this thread describes home to me, I believe the way she intertwined all the thread was a great symbolism of home. 

Sheila had one price where there were three houses and thread connected to each and meeting at one end. Each house in this picture was different but I believe that this could be a symbolism of someone who might had made different moves to different houses in their life time but even so all those moves tie down together and make the person who they are. 

I definitely agree that houses are not permanent. That we may be at a certain time and place but life changes directions and sends us in different direction but we still have memories in these places. 

Overall a great gallery! 



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