Wk9- Classmate Convo-Antonio Jimenez

This week I met Antonio Jimenez. Right off the bat we asked the same questions that have been asked between everyone else I met. I learned that Antonio is from South Central Los Angeles. When I heard this I assumed that he dormed here but to my surprise he told me that he commutes to and from school. I would not be able to commute the 1-2 hours of commute he spends everyday. That is dedication. 

Then I asked him why he had chosen to attend Cal State Long Beach. He said that when he did his research it showed that CSULB is a real good school. Antonio is a first year psychology major. His aspiration is to become a couple therapist. This passion started in high school where he was constantly helping couples over come their problems. 

Then we decided we should go check out the galleries. While admiring the art I learned that he owns fish. I also learned that he likes art, although he is not too good at it. I also got to learn that he can box and doesn’t like to use it unless he has to. 

Overall, even though all my conversations have been great, Antonio is the one I shared the most laughs with and one where I actually went and checked out all the galleries with. I had a pleasure meeting him on Thursday.  



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