Wk 10- Photography

For this weeks activity we got to chose any form of art we’d like. I chose to do photography. Since i recently got a new camera i thought it would be a perfect time to put it to work. I decided i would take my sister with me and we can explore different places and she could be my model. The first place we decided would be cool to take pictures was my cousins boat. It was cool because we had the boat to ourselves and i got a couple nice shots on there. Since we were already at Newport beach we decided to drive a little further down and take pictures at crystal cove. In my opinion this is where the magic happened. I even got her to get in the water so we could take a couple shot of her drenched. My favorite picture has to be the one of her sitting on the rock drenched. She reminds me of the little mermaid in this one. I love photography and would post all my past picture on here but there would be too many.

I had a great time with this weeks project because i got to do something i really enjoy doing which is taking pictures, all while having fun.

IMG_0764 IMG_0104 IMG_0127 IMG_0423 IMG_0453 IMG_0475


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