Wk10-Classmate Conversation- Alayna Grapel

This week I met Alayna Grapel. Alayna is from Nothern California in a little city called Grass Valley. She mentioned that everything there closes at 7 pm which compared to Long Beach is relatively early. Here at Cal State Long Beach she started off as a dance major. Soon enough she realized that dance was not something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Now, Alayna is a liberal studies major. Her desire is to either become an elementary school teacher or a special education teacher.

Talking to Alayna i learned that she really liked danced. She said that as a child she tried playing soccer, volleyball and even track and field but she stuck to gymnastics and dance. She performs jazz, modern and contemporary dance. She jokingly said that she does what you see on Dancing with the Stars. I also learned that we both love the beach! She was surprised when i said i love the beach because most people she has met from around here are not too fond of the beach.

It was nice getting to know Alayna. I do hope that one day she gets the opportunity ti show the word her dancing skills because i can tell that she is very enthusiastic in that subject.



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