Wk 10-Artist Interview-Kaclica Chinn/ Amanda Ruiz/Dawn Ertl

I would like to start off by saying that this weeks art galleries were amazing. After I finished talking to a classmate I noticed that the Merlino Gallery was the first one open. As I got closer, I read a sign on the door that warned us before coming in, which intrigued me to come in even more. As soon as I walked in I saw a sculpture full of women and men body parts. That’s when I realized why there was a sign on the door. The sculpture was huge and I later learned that it took Kaclica Chinn about three weeks to make. 

Then I walked around to see the rest of the gallery. I was amused that the pictures not only depicted physical bodies interacting but it also showed the anatomy behind the physical act. This was very neat to see, it made the gallery have a more sophisticated and mature vibe. I then stumbled upon a table/box with holes cut out on the sides. On top of the box was hand sanitizer. I was in no means curious to feel what was inside the box, being that I get creeped out easily. Behind this box was another sculpture. This sculpture I actually had to look more carefully at. I then realized what the sculpture actually was and this I would have to say was pretty clever. 

I got to have a brief conversation with the artist and that’s when I learned that Chinn worked on the sculptures and Ruiz created the illustrations. I like that they decided to pinpoint a topic many feel awkward speaking of. I believe that this allowed them to challenge themselves a bit more. What I found especially interesting is that the sculptures were based of Chinn’s friends and family body parts. I could only imagine the awkwardness at first. This gallery really exposes how art should be. Art should allow you to question the ordinary and have an affect on how you feel and I believe that this gallery made everyone who walked in feel anywhere from awkward to intrigued or even at joy to see young people being so comfortable around sexuality. Overall, great gallery.




I also visited BLANKS gallery and I just want to say that her work is AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it and you can see all the hard work that she has put into it. Being that this was not her original plan and she created such an amazing show was inspiring. In hearing her talk about her work you can tell how passionate she is about her work. Here are a few pictures. 



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