Wk 11- Activity- Plaster

I was waiting for this activity since the beginning of the semester. I unfortunately was not able to make it on Saturday so i took my sisters with me on Sunday. After going to home depot to get all the materials needed we headed to the beach!

I really thought this was going to play out smoother than it actually did. Me and my little sister both dug up a hole put our hands in and filled it back up. Making the plaster was hard. In my opinion the plaster seemed like it had the right quantity of plaster and water but when mixed together it was too thick. I still attempted to fill in both holes. Then we played the waiting game. Ater about 20 minutes the plaster was set and ready to dig up. All my plaster looked like was a blob. I was disapointed i actually wanted to bring it back home and show my family. This was the process in pictures.






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