Wk 11- Artist Interview- Gabriel Garcia

This weeks art gallery that really shocked me and made me feel a sense of inspiration was the one in Gatov-West. The artist was Gabriel Garcia. When I walked in the first thing I saw was “DON’T BE A PUSSY”. I automatically thought I had an idea of what the gallery was about and as I started looking around my idea was reinforced. The title of the gallery was Toxic Masculinity which was clearly portrayed throughout the gallery. Not only did I enjoy Gabriel’s message but i also liked seeing the boldness in all the pieces.

It was nice to see that a man was the artist of these pieces. This is a pretty popular topic in today’s day and age. As women have slowly begun to grow politically equal in this world these are the types of messages that people don’t like to hear. These types of messages are the ones that make boys think they have to be tough and superior to girls. The piece that read “MAN UP” was my favorite. These two words are words that boys hear all the time. Men in today’s society are not to be emotional instead they are to be tough all the time and those who don’t comply to it will be considered gay. I do believe that Gabriel did a great job in getting his message across.

Materials used: charcoal, ink, eraser, pape




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