Wk 12-Classmate Convo-Fernando Hernandez

This week I met another great individual. The only thing that was different this week was that when I got home and do what I usually do and read what others say about me, I could not find Fernando on our class list. Even so, I will still share the interesting conversation.

Fernando is from Norwalk and still lives at home. Fernando claims that though he still stays at home it’s like he lives at school because he is always here. Fernando is a major in business but was previously a criminal justice major. He was inspired by the wolf of wall street to become a business major. He hopes to one day become a successful stoke broker and yes he realizes that the movie is not entirley like real life which he is fine with. He realized that criminal justice was not for him because he preferred to deal with numbers than with words.

Fernando has many hobbies. He went to school in Downey and played baseball, soccer and basketball. Out of those three, baseball happens to be his favorite. He seems to be a huge sports fanatic because he always watches soccer and enjoys going to all kinds of sporting events. We both seem to share this interest as I also wish I could attend every Dodger game possible.

We seemed to have several interests and he seemed to have really big dreams. It was a pleasure meeting him even if he is not on the roster.

When asked to take a picture he said he doesn’t like pictures and now I think I understand why.


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