wk 12-Extra Credit

Let’s start off with my favorite activities.

My first activity would have to be the graffiti art. It was fun actually using spray paint as a form of art which i don’t think i would have done otherwise.

My second favorite activity was the instagram activity. It is not something i would consider art so it opened my mind plus it was very convenient.

Lastly, my most favorite activity was the plaster molds. My mold did not come out that great but it was fun and I might go try it again this summer!

Now to my least favorite

I’ll start off with the most recent activity. The procedural was by far my least favorite. I guess I didn’t fully understand it,but I didn’t enjoy it.

My other least favorite was the kickstarter. I am a more hands on person so just clicking away online watching videos was not too great for me.

Lastly, I would have to say the mina show project was not my favorite because when I do out of the ordinary things, it is usually in the moment and I don’t take the time to make sure i record or take pictures of it.

It was lots of fun getting to meet new people each week. I really enjoyed it because that is not something you do in most your classes and I was able to meet several really nice people.


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