Wk 13-Classmate Conversation-Jessa Camago

This week as I was admiring the art in the Werby gallery, Jessa Camago approached me and we had a pleasant conversation. I learned that Jessa was originally from Lancaster, California. Since Lancaster is two hours away she dorms here on campus at Hillside. She told me that a reason why she decided to attend Long Beach was because Lancaster was very lonely and Long Beach was more busy. Although she likes Long Beach she does get home sick all the time.

I learned that Jessa has two brothers and that she is the middle child. (I found it funny how she even included that it was okay being the middle child since she was the only girl) In high school Jessa played tennis. She mentioned that she was #1 in her school. When she got to CSULB she joined a club tennis team. She also enjoys to draw but wouldn’t have art be her major. 

Here at CSULB, Jessa studies accounting. She has only taken a couple introductory courses and finds them a bit difficult. I believe she can do it and also know she will become a great accountant one day. 
It was nice getting to know such a sweet individual. 


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