Wk 14- Classmate Interviews 

This week I went into the galleries really sleepy and so out of it. The one day I hoped to do the least talking I actually ended up interviewing 3 people! It was actually nice talking to them and really made me forget how tired I was. As I was sitting down I met Maddie Vandenberge and Hannah Drake. 

Maddie Vandenberge and Hannah Drake are both second year students and come from Valley Christian High School. Maddie is currently a Liberal Studies major but wants to switch to Marketing. She decided that working with kids was not something she can do her entire life. Maddie just recently got hired at a women’s boutique on second street where Hannah Works as well. Aside from that Maddie also works at restaurant. Maddie and I share the common interest of being “outdoorsy” people. She said she loves to eat, read, go to the beach, hangout with friends and do any other outdoors activities. 

Hannah Drake is a kinesiology major but like Maddie plans to switch over to Marketing. Like me Hannah doesn’t watch movies or tv regularly. We both think there are better things to do with our time than sit in front of a screen for hours. 

Then, as I was admiring the art in the Gatov gallery, Veronica Gomez approached me. She asked if she could interview me and I said of course! I learned that Veronica is a second year and is doing child development. She said that she wants to be a child life specialist. She wants to be able to talk to the parents of the kids Who are going through tough times. I think this is really great because I know how tough it can be to go through something like that. Veronica is also an outdoorsy person. When I told her I was a die hard dodger fan she said she was an Angel fan (boo). She also mentioned that she enjoys watching football and is a SanFrancisco 49ers fan. 

It was a pleasure to have met such great three individuals on Thursday!




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